About the company

Based in the beautiful mountains of East Tennessee, our team of professionals are united in a single mission: to help independent sales agents, appointment setters, recruiters, fund raisers, and small businesses that use the phone for relationship-building and/or sales, to do it more efficiently and more effectively.

NinjaDialer is a technology company in the people business. That means our dialer doesn’t just randomly call numbers, annoy people with recordings, or subject people to awkward connection delays. It simply helps salespeople be smarter, better organized, and more productive on the phone, with functionality and ease-of-use that sets us apart by delivering more connections, better experiences, and superior results.

The NinjaDialer was originally created by two twin brothers as an internal appointment setting dialer for their insurance agency.  They understood the power of dialing systems, but couldn’t find any system that had the functionality, easy-of-use, and affordability that they were looking for, so they decided to just develop their own.  Initially intending to be just a few months turned into years of developing and constant improvement.  After countless requests from outside insurance agents, appointment setters, and independent sales people to use it (and frankly realizing it was too good to keep to themselves), they decided to offer it to the world. Hence, the NinjaDialer was born.

The NinjaDialer team is positively committed to the users we serve as we strive to support and connect one-to-another.

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