Proximity Calendar

See the exact mileage and estimated drive-time.

Proximity Calendar

Imagine knowing exactly where to schedule your clients on your calendar to eliminate unnecessary drive-time between appointments.  See appointments highlighted in green or yellow that are within a pre-defined proximity of the person you have on the phone!  Mouse over the appointment to see the exact mileage and estimated drive-time!

Set Proximity Preference

Under your preferences, define the proximity distance that you want appointments to be within to show up as green on the calendar.  Appointments within that range will be green; outside that range will be yellow.  

Distance & Drive-time

When you’re on the phone with your prospect and click the Schedule Appointment Disposition, your calendar will pop-up with your appointments highlighted.  Mouse over each appointment to see the exact distance and drive-time (with traffic) from your prospect to the appointment.  Never waste time driving all over town again!

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