outbound power dialer for sales teams and appointment setters

Set a new standard for sales productivity and performance.

smarter sales process

Sales is a "numbers game". Book more meetings and close deals quicker with Power Dial, click-to-dial, and real-time coaching.

perfect for remote teams

Get the cloud-based phone system that remote teams use to stay connected and seamlessly work from home or anywhere.

more live calls

Statistically, people answer local calls 4x more often than out-of-area calls. Always display a local number and optionally rotate the number between attempts.

automate repeating tasks

Trigger emails, voicemail drop, follow-ups, and reminders with a single click of a call disposition button.

Increased Productivity

Too many sales teams still waste hours every week on low-value tasks like logging calling activity, sending follow-up emails and texts, leaving voicemails, and scheduling follow-ups.  Why not let your tech do more of the lifting and help your reps focus on persuading prospects instead?

With Ninja Dialer, you can trigger automated workflows and manage call activity.

More Live Answers

People are 4x more likely to answer a call from a local number than an out-of-area number.  Get more live answers by displaying a local number automatically.  Optionally auto-rotate the caller ID with every attempt to prevent them from thinking you’re harassing them.

Proximity Calendar

Imagine knowing exactly where to schedule your clients on your calendar to eliminate unnecessary drive-time between appointments.  See appointments highlighted in green or yellow that are within a pre-defined proximity of the person you have on the phone!  Mouse over the appointment to see the exact mileage and estimated drive-time!

Create A Coaching Culture

Coming Soon: Support new reps during ramp-up with call monitoring and call whispering. Use the real-time activity feed to see which reps are on calls. When reps need help, you can be there for them when it counts.

Review common scenarios together with call recordings and objection & disposition reports. Accelerate your team’s learning curve by walking through real conversations.


Access activity reports, leaderboards, best calling hours, disposition summary, objections summary, and more!

Customer Stories

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