Dialer Solutions

Increase productivity with the NinjaDialer

Appointment Setting Dialer

Setting appointments can be challenging. See how the NinjaDialer can make hitting the appointment goals easy.

Insurance Dialer

Without enough appointments, agents will not succeed. The NinjaDialer can help double appointments in half the time.

Recruiting Dialer

Recruiting is a numbers game. Speak to more candidates and schedule more interviews with the NInjaDialer.

Key Features

Increased Productivity

Reach up to 4x the number of leads in the same amount of time.

Cloud Based

No hardware or software required. Call from any browser with an internet connection.

No Connection Delay

Calls are connected in real-time so there is no delay in hearing the customer say hello.

Auto-Rotating Local IDs

No matter where the setter is located, always call from a local number to get more live answers.

Proximity Calendar

Appointments in close proximity to the lead display in green on the calendar so agents can schedule efficiently.

Live Transfer

Give your agents the option to quickly transfer the live call to another number or sales rep.

Lead Management

Keep track of who and when to contact with our CRM and call queue management tools.

Workflow Automation

Setup tags and custom dispositions that trigger automation, like sending emails and text messages, dropping voicemails, and scheduling call-backs.

Activity Reporting

Monitor the performance of your agents whether they work from home or not, tracking KPIs either individually or as a team.

Customer Stories

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