Workflow Automation

Automate post-call workflow with the click of a button


Turbocharge Productivity

Give your team the tools to blow past their quota. Transform your sales reps and unleash their potential with NinjaDialer. Trigger post-call automations and workflows to minimize downtime between calls.

Power Dial Mode

Struggle with getting people to answer their phone?  Set Power Dial mode to call each number multiple times before moving to the next number and watch your answer rate increase while automating the process.

Drop Messages

Stop wasting time leaving voicemails and typing the same email or text message 50 times a day.  Drop templated messages on the fly or program them into the custom disposition buttons.

Automate Post-Call Workflow

Custom Disposition buttons must be clicked after each lead being called in order to advance to the next lead.  Automate workflow by triggering multiple functions into each disposition button.  For example, after scheduling an appointment, trigger a email confirmation, an email reminder, a voicemail before the meeting, and anything else you can imagine!

Proximity Calendar

Know exactly where to schedule your clients on your calendar to eliminate unnecessary drive-time between appointments.  See appointments highlighted in green or yellow that are within a pre-defined proximity of the person you have on the phone!  Mouse over the appointment to see the exact mileage and estimated drive-time!

Optionally schedule virtual meetings with the Zoom integration to auto-generate a Zoom meeting link, put it in your calendar and send the client the details, all with the click of a button!

Customer Stories

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