For Outbound Dialing & Appointment Setting

Ninja Dialer power dials leads, drops voicemails, sends emails and text messages, and automates post-dial workflow, all at the click of a button!

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Why Ninja Dialer?

More Dials. Less Time.

Still working in the dark ages?  Start powering through your leads and be more productive in less time.

Stay Organized

Manage your contacts, appointments, follow-up tasks, pipeline stages, and client communication.

Cloud-based With No Delay

Call from anywhere on any device without downloading any software and with no connection delay.

Automate Workflows

Stop wasting time with the monotony. Automate post-call tasks like emails, texts, leaving voicemails, setting reminders, and more!

Business Reporting

Access activity reports, leaderboards, best calling hours, disposition summaries, call recordings and more.

It's Not Rocket Science

We built the dialer with ease-of-use in mind. Setup and use the dialer with little to no technical knowledge.

Power Dialer

Power Dial through leads from your browser and increase productivity by up to 400% with no special equipment or downloads.  Automate time-consuming tedious tasks to focus on having more quality conversations and making more sales.

Workflow Automation

Automate tedious task like dropping voicemails, sending emails and text messages, updating lead statuses, adding notes, moving contacts and more… all with one click.

Proximity Calendar

Imagine knowing exactly where to schedule your clients on your calendar to eliminate unnecessary drive-time between appointments.  See appointments highlighted in green or yellow that are within a pre-defined proximity of the person you have on the phone!  Mouse over the appointment to see the exact mileage and estimated drive-time!

Auto-rotate Local IDs

Leads are 4x more likely to answer the phone when they recognize the area code.  Increase live answers by automatically rotating the local Caller IDs every time you call each lead.


Access activity reports, leaderboards, best calling hours, disposition summary, objections summary, and more!

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